My Dream11: Turn Your Cricket Knowledge into Cash Prizes

Cricket is a religion in many parts of the world, and India is no exception. But what if you could take your love for the game a step further and win real cash prizes based on your cricket knowledge? That’s where Dream11 comes in!

What is My Dream11?

Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports platform that allows you to create a virtual cricket team of 11 players based on real-life matches. You earn points based on the performance of your chosen players in the actual game. The more points you score, the higher you climb on the leaderboard and the closer you get to winning exciting cash prizes.

How to Play My Dream11

Download the App or Visit the Website: Get started by downloading the Dream11 app or visiting their website.

Register and Create an Account: Signing up is quick and easy. You can use your email address or phone number to create a free account.

Select a Match: Choose an upcoming cricket match that you want to participate in.

Build Your Dream Team: Here’s where your cricket knowledge comes into play! Select 11 players within a budget constraint, ensuring a balanced team composition with batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and a wicket-keeper.

Join Contests: Pick a contest that suits your budget and risk appetite. Dream11 offers various contest formats like free practice contests, paid contests with varying entry fees, and even private contests to play with friends.

Track Your Performance: Watch the real-life match unfold and see your virtual team rack up points! You can track your team’s performance and leaderboard position on the Dream11 app or website.

Deep Dive into My Dream11

Skill-Based Gameplay: Unlike gambling, Dream11 rewards your cricket knowledge and strategic team building.

Wide Variety of Contests: Choose contests that fit your budget and risk tolerance. There’s something for everyone!

Mega Contests and Big Winnings: Dream11 offers high-value contests with the chance to win crores of rupees.

The Champions Club: Climb the ranks in the Champions Club and unlock exclusive benefits like bonus points and fee discounts.

Reward Shop: Earn DreamCoins through gameplay and redeem them for exciting rewards in the shop.

Stay Updated: Get cricket news, expert advice, and match analysis directly within the Dream11 app.

Safe and Secure Platform: Dream11 prioritizes fair play and secure transactions.


My Dream11 is an exciting platform that blends your passion for cricket with the thrill of competition and the potential to win real cash prizes. So, if you’re a cricket fanatic with a knack for building winning teams, Dream11 is definitely worth checking out!


  • Is Dream11 legal?

Yes, Dream11 is a completely legal platform in India that operates under the principles of skill-based gaming.

  • What sports can I play on Dream11?

Currently, Dream11 primarily focuses on cricket. However, they might introduce other sports in the future.

  • How do I withdraw my winnings?

Dream11 offers secure withdrawal options for your winnings, which can be transferred directly to your bank account.

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